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The great milk debate June 14, 2010

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So, my tiny baby is turning one soon, and with this comes a whole new range of things to question and worry about.

Having done baby led weaning since C was 6 months old, my mantra for the past 6 months has been ‘food before one is just for fun’.  This apparently no longer applies, eek!  To be honest, she quickly dropped from 4 bottles a day to just 2, and we’re lucky if we get her to have 4oz at bedtime so I know shes eating enough.

But what about milk?  Having been speaking on twitter researching, the general consensus is that cows milk is perfectly fine.  I have, however, already bought 4 tubs of toddler milk as it was half price in the supermarket!  I am definitely one of the people who fell for the formula companies marketing ads that try and tell us about getting enough iron into our babies diet.  Actually, I don’t think I fell for the marketing, I just didn’t give it a second thought.  Now I actually think about it, of course C will get enough iron, she has a brilliant appetite and eats a good amount.

So now I’ve actually had a think about this, my plan is to use the formula milk I’ve already bought then switch her over to cows milk.  In the meantime I’m going to start offering some cows milk during the day so she can get used to it.

I suppose the next question is beaker or bottle?  At the moment she has bottles for her formula, morning and night, and a beaker for her water during the day.  This works fine for us, but at what age do you dump the bottles?  The questions are endless!

At least I get to stop sterilising now though!