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Wannabe Designer Girl? July 23, 2010

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Now, I’m not a designer girl myself.  I mostly shop at Next, Dorothy Perkins and New Look.  I like looking at designer things and think lots of it is very pretty but could never justify spending that kind of money on a flimsy bit of material.

However, when it comes to C’s clothes I start to wobble.  I mean, c’mon, have you seen the gorgeous patterns by brands such as Katvig, ej sikke lej and Molo?  They’re fantastic, such bright, vivid colours with such unusual designs. 

I have managed to restrain myself so far and C does not yet own anything by any of these brands.  She does have some incredibly funky dungarees by Brights & Stripes though, although these were in the sale, and even M agreed they were that brilliant she just had to have them.

But it’s not fair.  I’m drawn to these clothes because of the way they look so why don’t places like Next, or the supermarkets, try harder when they design their children’s clothes?  I groan every time I walk into a shop to find a wall of pink in front of me. Yes, I know she’s a girl but I thought we were trying to get rid of all this stereotypical crap???  I want to see spots and stripes and bright colours everywhere.  I’ll stick with the girl theme – I have nothing against putting C in a dress, she looks lovely in them, but not a pink one.

Please tell me I’m not alone on this one?  Do you look for ‘different’ clothes and designs?  Have you found somewhere that sells them that doesn’t require a bank loan?


Lottie Loves… Finishing School – Week 3 July 8, 2010

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So I copped out on last weeks workshop challenge of having a bra fitting.  In my defense, the only time I get to go to the shops is when C is with me and she isn’t a huge fan of shopping.  In reality I’m also a coward though!

But anyway, I’m having a go at this weeks challenge, set by the lovely Lottie

C is for… Clothes!

The challenge is to sort our wardrobes as if you shouldn’t be seen in public in it you shouldn’t be seen in private by your family in it either.

I’ve been meaning to sort my clothes out for a while now.  When we moved house just before Christmas we left the wardrobes in the old house and have been making do with those cheap rails until we get new wardrobes.  We’re not in a position to buy new wardrobes yet which means that I can see *all* my clothes, every single day, and there are things hung up that I haven’t worn for 2+ years and its driving me slightly mad.

I’m not great when it comes to throwing things away.  There are tops that I haven’t worn for 3 years that I won’t throw away ‘just in case’ but I realise I have to be brutal to do something about this:

Theres more in drawers too but I’ll spare you pictures of those!

So, Thursday afternoon, when C was having her nap, I began.  I went through all my drawers and through my wardrobe, left to right, scrutinising every item of clothing I had.  Some things were easy and went straight in the ‘charity shop’ pile, other things I had to think about a bit more but most of these eventually went aswell.  Some tops that I no longer wear had only been worn a handful of times so these have gone on ebay.

Eventually I had sorted everything.  This was what was going:

It doesn’t look that impressive in the photo but it was quite a big pile. 

The end result was this:

Its not great but it’s an improvement. 

I’ve picked up a few new bits in the sales and I’m trying to only buy things I know I’ll get lots of wear out of, or that I *absolutely* love while trying to steer clear of impulse buys that I’ll regret in a month.

Thanks Lottie, for giving me the push I needed.  Looking forward to the next challenge!