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14 weeks to go September 18, 2010

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Weeks remaining: 14

Gifts purchased: 2

It’s 14 weeks to Christmas.  Still a while off, yes, but getting ever closer.

In my bid to buy at least one present per week I’m now up to a grand total of 2 Christmas presents so I’ve managed my task for this week!

As I’ve been pretending to work browsing the internet in my spare time, I’ve come across a couple of things to go on my Christmas wish list

This sweater from Next It looks really pretty and versatile; something you could wear to work with smart trousers or dressed up a bit in a nice pair of jeans and sandals

 Yes, I’d love an iPad, or an iPhone if anyone’s got a spare they’d like to give me.  Sadly, with prices starting from £429, I’m not likely to get one as a gift.

And my website recommendation for this week goes to:

Words That Talk.  My mum bought C this one for her birthday and it looks lovely above her cot.  It’s also very local to me, literally 3 miles from my house.  Seeing as we’re in the middle of renovating our house I’m still deciding which ‘words’ I can put where!  I think these would make great stocking fillers, and there’s something for everyone.

How is your shopping coming along? 

Image courtesy of http://www.apple.com/uk


Don’t mention the C word September 9, 2010

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Ok, so its 107 days until Christmas, or just over 15 weeks. 

It seems like a long way off but you just know it’ll soon be December and we’ll be panicking that we haven’t bought anything.

The thing that’s bothering me about Christmas this year is money, or rather the lack of it.  I’m not one for talking about finances but we moved house last December into, basically, a shell, and every spare penny (which isn’t much as I’m only working part-time) is spent on the house.

We’re currently saving for a new boiler which isn’t cheap, and we still need to carpet the living room and kitchen, get new worktops, hob, fire, and that’s just the big stuff.  You don’t really budget for the small things do you?  In our last house we spent over £100 just on new sockets in the kitchen!

So, my plan to try to make my Christmas spending as painless as possible is to buy at least one present a week between now and December, then when December comes I should have quite a few bits and won’t need to panic.  I’m certainly not doing what I did last Christmas and only having 2 presents sorted a week before the big day.  Not again!

So, my Christmas shopping has begun.  Yesterday I bought C a stocking filler, not much but it’s a start, and I’m trying to figure out what to buy people so I can source them on the internet at good prices.

How do you prepare for Christmas?  Are you an organised shopper with lists and budgets or more of a last-minute panic buyer?

If anyone has any tips for good websites, or any tips to ease the financial burden they’re all very welcome.