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C’s first birthday July 5, 2010

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My baby girl turned one on Monday.  Not quite sure how this has happened as it doesn’t seem 2 minutes since she was a tiny, helpless newborn.

As the birthday girl loves all things furry or scaley or downright disgusting, we decided to take her to Twycross zoo for the day.  It was a good day for it, the sun shone all day with barely a cloud in the sky.  C loved looking at all the animals, as did M & I!

We had a lovely picnic on the grass and C was very amused by the birds who were trying to steal her sandwich.

She seemed to really enjoy the day and slept all the way back home.

She had some lovely presents.  We didn’t buy her too much but got her a lovely wooden shape sorter and a wooden xylophone.  My parents got her a ball pit and she finds it hilarious to throw as many balls out of it as she can while watching me try and throw them back in!

Shes still not old enough to really be bothered about unwrapping presents but daddy was more than happy to help!

She had a few visitors when we got back from the zoo and we had cake.  This photo shows that obviously being a one year old is tiring work.


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – The birthday girl June 30, 2010

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New toys

My new xylophone - mummy will regret buying this

More toys!

At the zoo

He looks like you daddy

On daddy's shoulders

Picnic time

The birds tried to steal my sandwich

My new ball pool - another one mummy might regret

Its been a long day