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The great milk debate June 14, 2010

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So, my tiny baby is turning one soon, and with this comes a whole new range of things to question and worry about.

Having done baby led weaning since C was 6 months old, my mantra for the past 6 months has been ‘food before one is just for fun’.  This apparently no longer applies, eek!  To be honest, she quickly dropped from 4 bottles a day to just 2, and we’re lucky if we get her to have 4oz at bedtime so I know shes eating enough.

But what about milk?  Having been speaking on twitter researching, the general consensus is that cows milk is perfectly fine.  I have, however, already bought 4 tubs of toddler milk as it was half price in the supermarket!  I am definitely one of the people who fell for the formula companies marketing ads that try and tell us about getting enough iron into our babies diet.  Actually, I don’t think I fell for the marketing, I just didn’t give it a second thought.  Now I actually think about it, of course C will get enough iron, she has a brilliant appetite and eats a good amount.

So now I’ve actually had a think about this, my plan is to use the formula milk I’ve already bought then switch her over to cows milk.  In the meantime I’m going to start offering some cows milk during the day so she can get used to it.

I suppose the next question is beaker or bottle?  At the moment she has bottles for her formula, morning and night, and a beaker for her water during the day.  This works fine for us, but at what age do you dump the bottles?  The questions are endless!

At least I get to stop sterilising now though!



1. kailexness - June 15, 2010

My two went from formular to semi skimmed at one, yes, semi skimmed. They both eat a huge amount of food (I’m so lucky!) and the health visitor said semi skimmed would be fine because it has the same amount of calcium as full fat… Saves faffing about with two different types of milk…
My daughter gave up milk soon after 18mnts, she was never that interested and just refused to drink it, she still doesn’t. My son however still has a bottle when he wakes and one before bed, he got grumpy when I tried to take the teated bottle away so I thought hey ho, why not let him have it…

b4kersgirl - June 15, 2010

C eats really well so I might mention to HV about regular milk as I think shes due to come out and see C soon. Semi-skimmed would definitely make things easier!

I think C will probably give up milk sooner rather than later. She usually has around 8oz in a morning but sometimes will only take 2-3oz at night.

Thanks for your comments!

2. piXie - June 15, 2010

I moved Kal onto full fat cows a couple of weeks before his first birthday. But he stopped having any bottles(he was only on one at night anyway) at 13months old. He does have the odd beaker(he refuses to drink from teat, just chews it) of milk now, but will only drink it if I add some banana powder to it(I get the one from ASDA with added multivitamins)

Although saying that he hardly drinks milk…he did wake up at midnight last night for not one but TWO full beakers of milk….thats around 16oz!

C will let you know when she’s ready to move from bottle to beaker. Though you could always try her with a beaker and see how she goes?

b4kersgirl - June 16, 2010

Thanks, shes happy with a bottle for now but I know I need to get her on to a beaker at some point.

3. Debcw - June 15, 2010

It’s a mine field isn’t it? My health visitor told us when the little girl was very small that we should stay with the same formula until 12 months then full fat cows milk. I think that iron can be a worry, especially because we are all veggie, but I have just watched her polish off a mushroom and spinach omlette so I don’t think I have too much to worry about.

b4kersgirl - June 16, 2010

We were never given any advice re formula from the HV.

I think its the way the formula companies market their products, ie. scareing all of us mums into thinking our babies don’t get enough iron, that made me buy the formula. I just didn’t give it much thought at the time!

4. Rachael - June 15, 2010

Firstly, thanks for your comment in my embarassing blog!!

I understood full fat was better unilateral they are 2 (or is it 3?) because they NEED he fat content as they burn off so much energy, unlike us lazy adults.

Bottle weaning is vital as sucking becomes bad for the teeth (the liquid stays in their mouth longer, leading to decay) but when is up to you. From my personal experience I’d do it sooner rather than as even though it was difficult getting a 1 year ok’d to do things he didn’t want to, it only gets more difficult as they get older.

Like you, I’d use the formula now you’ve bought it but maybe give some cows milk occasionally too so little one gets use to the very different taste.

b4kersgirl - June 16, 2010

Thanks. Will definitely get her onto full fat cows milk as soon as the formula has all gone. Feel a bit silly for buying 4 tubs, didn’t really think about it!

Do you have any recommendations for good beakers? We just use the tommee tippee with fold down spout for her water at the moment.

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