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Children & TV: Too much or too little? August 26, 2010

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C very rarely watches TV.  At 14 months old I think this is a good thing. 

I don’t consciously not let her watch TV but I just don’t have it on during the day.  I’m more likely to have the radio or a CD on, occasionally I’ll have the music channels on the TV but only as background noise.

Will there come a time when she’s interested in TV programmes or not?  Theres no way I’m going to make her sit in front of the TV when she’d rather be building her blocks or playing outside but I don’t want her to start nursery ( I know that’s a while off yet but still!) and be ‘that weird kid’ who hasn’t got a clue what In The Night Garden is or who’s never heard of Thomas.

When I think back to my childhood, the TV programmes I watched were a big part of it as far as memories are concerned.  I loved Button Moon and Rainbow, as well as Thomas, Superted, He-man and many more!  M and I often get on YouTube and find old cartoons to watch that we remember from growing up.  I’m certain that our parents didn’t let us watch TV all day so its odd that we remember these programmes from our childhood so vividly.

Obviously, we all know too much television is a bad thing but can too little have a negative effect too, but in different ways?  Should I put the children’s channels on for a while when we’re at home or should I make the most of C not being interested?

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Photos I’m proud of August 25, 2010

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This week, Tara over at Sticky Fingers has been learning how to use her camera manually, something I’d love to do but have no idea where to start.

If I manage to get a photo that looks good, it’s usually just luck rather than skill.

This weeks Gallery prompt is A Photo I’m Proud of, so here’s a selection of those lucky photos

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Not such a washout August 24, 2010

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It appears that my worries in my previous post were quite unnecessary.  Despite the weather forecast for last weekend not being brilliant it didn’t actually rain as much as we expected.  Not that it would have mattered; C had enormous fun sat in the mud playing with her bricks.

We were at Hope in the Peak District again.  There were 6 adults, 2 children and 3 dogs in two tents and a caravan.  On Saturday we drove to nearby Castleton and visited Peveril Castle.  To be honest, we weren’t impressed.  It was £4.20 per adult and all it really was, was a few piles of stones and a very small stone building that you could go inside.  It was also up a very steep hill which isn’t great when you’ve got to carry a stroller and changing bag up there.  The view from the top almost made up for it but we won’t be visiting again.

We spent the afternoon at the pub just down the road from the campsite.  C decided she was a big girl too and wanted to play on the climbing frame, cue lots of chasing after her by me and M.

We did have some rain but it just meant we all had to squeeze into one tent and play cards for a while.  C happily amused herself by playing with her bricks or stacking random items up as she likes to do.

I’m quite sad as that was probably the last camping trip we’ll go on this year.  We’ve really enjoyed it and C has loved spending all day outside getting dirty!

Any tips for a wet weekend? August 20, 2010

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We’re off camping again this weekend but this time I think the weather may be against us.  The previous couple of times we’ve been its been lovely and sunny but this time doesn’t look so good.

I don’t mind the odd shower but I’m really hoping it doesn’t just rain all weekend.  What on earth am I going to do with C?  She’s not quite walking so I can’t send her out in wellies but I don’t think she’ll be impressed at being stuck in a tent all weekend.

I know I can take her some toys to play with and books to read, and we can go for a walk with her but after that I’m stuck. 

Does anyone have any other tips to keep a 14 month old amused in a small space?

The Gallery: A Memory August 18, 2010

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The Gallery is back and this weeks theme is A Memory

I spent quite a while looking through photos until I found a folder that made me smile a little more than some of the others.

I’m 39 weeks pregnant and this is the last time M and I went out together before C arrived.  This picture is taken in the Mining Museum at Matlock Bath, which about a 45 minute drive from us.

I think looking back at this photo makes me smile as neither of us had any idea just how much our lives were going to change in a weeks time.

We went to Matlock Bath again a few weeks ago, and as we sat eating our fish and chips (those who’ve been know this is a must when you visit!) we talked about the last time we visited when C was still affectionately known as ‘pea’, and smiled.

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