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Children & TV: Too much or too little? August 26, 2010

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C very rarely watches TV.  At 14 months old I think this is a good thing. 

I don’t consciously not let her watch TV but I just don’t have it on during the day.  I’m more likely to have the radio or a CD on, occasionally I’ll have the music channels on the TV but only as background noise.

Will there come a time when she’s interested in TV programmes or not?  Theres no way I’m going to make her sit in front of the TV when she’d rather be building her blocks or playing outside but I don’t want her to start nursery ( I know that’s a while off yet but still!) and be ‘that weird kid’ who hasn’t got a clue what In The Night Garden is or who’s never heard of Thomas.

When I think back to my childhood, the TV programmes I watched were a big part of it as far as memories are concerned.  I loved Button Moon and Rainbow, as well as Thomas, Superted, He-man and many more!  M and I often get on YouTube and find old cartoons to watch that we remember from growing up.  I’m certain that our parents didn’t let us watch TV all day so its odd that we remember these programmes from our childhood so vividly.

Obviously, we all know too much television is a bad thing but can too little have a negative effect too, but in different ways?  Should I put the children’s channels on for a while when we’re at home or should I make the most of C not being interested?

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