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The Gallery – Here Come The Girls October 6, 2010

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This weeks Gallery post over at Sticky Fingers is one for the ladies.

You may remember my ‘Men’ post from a while back?  Well this is the ladies version of that photo.

The quality is really poor but apart from photographing the professional pics, which is cheating, this is all I have.

This is (from L-R) my Grandma, Mum, me and Mother-in-law, on my wedding day in Cyprus back in January 2006.



Weekend walks, because we can October 5, 2010

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As you know from my rather excited post a few weeks ago, C is now walking.

I’m making the most of this and trying to take her out for regular walks with the dog.  Although it’s very slow going, we both have lots of fun.

We see lots of interesting things

And find exciting looking stones and twigs

We even chase the ducks and swans

I love seeing how she finds every little thing so interesting.  I know it turns a ten minute walk into a 45 minute one but soon enough she’ll take all these things for granted, as we do, and I’ll miss the time when a twig was the best thing in the world… until she spotted that stone over there.

Mega Bloks: Mummy Vs Daddy October 2, 2010

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Sally over at Who’s the Mummy is running a competition to see who can build the best creation from Mega Bloks.  As C is only 15 months and tends to just build very tall towers, M and I have decided to enter on her behalf.

This is my creation:

And this is M’s:

Obviously mine is better but I promised him I’d put his on show too!

We’d love to win the prize but even if we don’t, we still had fun building!

12 weeks to go October 2, 2010

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Weeks remaining: 12

Gifts bought this week: 2

Again, only a couple of little things but better than nothing.

My recommendations this week go to some businesses I follow on Twitter.

Firstly @icklebabe_com whose website Icklebabe sells some gorgeous handmade items which would make fantastic gifts.  I personally love the tea-cup candles, and the Twitter mug.

They also sell various homewares such as aprons, cushions and tea cosies, lots of things for the kids like t-shirts and personalised clocks and lots of other pretty things.  Helen, who runs Icklebabe, is also a very lovely lady, and great to chat to on Twitter! 

Next is @piddleypix who make fantastic pictures for kids. They’re really bright and colourful, and very competitively priced too.  Theres far too many for me to choose a favourite, I love them all!

My final recommendation for this week is @CharisNameArt who is behind this website and designs and makes some stunning items, based around names.  There are canvasses, t-shirts, place mats and more.  I really love the personalised place mats, they’re on C’s christmas list!

I hope you’re all getting on with your shopping.  It’s October y’know!

Lottie Loves… Finishing School – Week 8 October 1, 2010

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Despite her imminent move to another continent, Lottie has managed to write a Finishing School post.  Isn’t she dedicated?!  This weeks finishing school is H, and H is for…


Quite possibly the single most essential thing for a woman to be feminine and fabulous is her hair. A good hairstyle not only looks fabulous but it makes you feel fabulous too. 

Lottie’s challenge is to spend 5 minutes every day, for a week, styling your hair, and for the very first time in the Finishing School I can honestly say I already do this!

It hasn’t always been that way though.  I’ve said before how I’m not very good with hair and make-up and all that goes with it, and I used to have a long bob that just kind of hung there.  When I particularly couldn’t be bothered I’d just scrape it back into a ponytail…not a good look for me.  I’ve always liked it when my hair looked nice but I just couldn’t figure out a way to do it that didn’t take an hour every morning.  Just to have a boring bob I needed to use the straighteners every day as my hair is wavy, not the nice wavy, more of the ‘it does what it likes’ wavy.

SO, about 3 months ago I decided I wanted to chop it all off.  I don’t have the face for one of those cute pixie cuts but I knew I wanted it quite short.  My hairdresser is really good. I explained to her that I wanted it short but not too short, and told her I didn’t want to spend ages on it every day but I was happy to spend 5 minutes with the straighteners.  This was the result:

It’s not the most trendy hairstyle ever but I love it.  It’s easy to do, and with it being short, it ensures I go to the hairdressers on a regular basis.  I like to dye it too and, after many self dying disasters, I’ve finally seen sense and have this done at a salon too, despite hubby moaning about the cost!  I’m really happy with my hair at the moment and I hope it continues!

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