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The Gallery: A Smile September 22, 2010

Posted by Admin in The Gallery.

This week, Tara has been telling us all about the Mona Lisa Million project, set up by Dave Fowler to raise money for charity, and has decided that this weeks Gallery theme should be A Smile.

Obviously I’ve got to pick a photo (or 3) of C for this.  I know I’m biased but she has the best smile ever!

Firstly, the first smile I captured on camera

 And this is what you get now

Check out the other Gallery entries for this week over at Sticky Fingers:



1. Harriet - September 22, 2010

Goodness me! What a grin! Just lovely.

2. Jenny paulin @ mummy mishaps - September 22, 2010

How much she has changed! Gorgeous photos! She has the biggest cutest smiles doesn’t she? Made me smile too 🙂

3. jfb57 - September 22, 2010

If only we could bottle that smile!! We’d be millionaires!

4. Nova - September 22, 2010

Awww very very cute.

5. babygenie - September 22, 2010

Wow she is so adorable that smile is infectious!!

6. dawniebrown - September 22, 2010

Aww that is such a fabulous smile 🙂

7. Paula - September 22, 2010

These a smiles destined to become giggles at any moment….just lovely 🙂

8. icklebabe - September 22, 2010

Such an adorable smile, love it…making me smile now..she is infectious. bless her!:)

9. Danny Maddocks (@BabyCalendars) - September 22, 2010

awwwwwwwwwwwww gorgeous!!! the first smile is always the best…

I have a vision of parents going *is that wind or a smile*…*looks like a smile* *its a smile quick get the camera!*

she’s got a beautiful beeming smile now! great post


10. kirsty815 - September 22, 2010

I love the second picture! She has a brilliant smile! Great pics!

11. TheMadHouse - September 22, 2010

Please stop with all the cute baby pics, I am too broody!

12. Mirka Moore - September 22, 2010

Oh, she has changed a lot, she is soooooo cute, beautiful hair 😉 @Kahanka

13. tiddlyompompom - September 22, 2010

what a happy little lady 🙂

14. Becky - September 22, 2010

what a fantastic smile!

15. Alethea - September 22, 2010

That is one gorgeous little lady. What an incredible smile.

16. keatsbabe - September 22, 2010

Lovely – I like seeing photos over time – she has got a wonderful beaming smile.x

17. Marylin - September 23, 2010

Awww it’s so sweet seeing her growing up – that smile has stayed the same though! 🙂

18. Cara - September 24, 2010

Oh, that second one is amazing, she looks so happy she could burst! Beautiful.

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