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Lottie Loves… Finishing School – Week 7 September 20, 2010

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This week we’re on G.  And G is for …


I’m not a very glamorous person in everyday life.  I enjoy dressing up for parties and special occasions but on a day-to-day basis I’m happiest in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Lottie’s challenge this week is this:

My challenge is for you to spend one morning making the effort to look glamorous and see how different your day is.  Do that manicure, spritz that perfume and style your hair.  See how long this REALLY takes you and think about whether or not it would be really that hard to do more often.

I decided not to attempt this on a work day but try it on a Thursday.  I’ve taken C to Baby Ballet (read ‘stomping around to nursery rhymes’) a couple of times and this is on a Thursday morning.  The mums there are all quite well presented so feel I should make more of an effort than my usual jeans & converse, good motivation to be more glamorous!

So, it’s a baby group, I’m not going to wear a dress and high heels but I went for my skinny jeans with a nice top and ballerina pumps.  I did my hair and added some mascara and a bit of perfume (no time to do my nails unfortunately) and I did feel better.

I do like it when I make an effort with my clothes, hair etc but with a toddler running around it’s sometimes just easier to throw on something comfy and not give it a second thought.

I do think that since starting Finishing School I am thinking more about what I’m wearing and making more of an effort to put a bit of make-up on, after all, it does only take a couple of minutes!

Head over to Lottie Loves to see more Finishing School posts, why don’t you join in?



1. Lottie - September 20, 2010

You’re fab!! I love that you always complete Finishing School and i’m so pleased you’re getting something out of it. Funnily enough, despite being the author of it I too am a Mum with kids driving me mad and leaving me to the temptation of jeans and t-shirt but Finishing School and blogging in general is definitely keeping me on the straight and glamorous! 🙂 xxx

2. Xidia (redhairedhiker) - September 23, 2010

At least you have the excuse of being a Mummy. I’m just lazy!

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