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Going backwards September 16, 2010

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Do you ever have those moments with toddlers when you feel their development is going backwards?  Of course you must have, it’s got to be normal.  Hasn’t it?

C has just started walking, which is great, but other things, which she did well before, seem to be deteriorating.  Her eating is one of them.  We did baby-led weaning with C from 6 months and it’s been brilliant, I can’t praise the concept enough.  C has always eaten well but in the last few weeks we’ve been having problems when she’s in the high chair. 

She’ll sit and eat fine for a while but then will decide she’s either bored, or has eaten enough and start throwing her food on the floor, or just crying in her chair.  It’s not the upset type of crying, more the tantrum type which worries me as she’s far too young to start having tantrums!

Another thing I’ve noticed in the past 2 weeks is when I leave her with my parents to go to work.  Apart from when I first started back at work when C was 9 months old and in the middle of a clingy stage, she’s always been fine when I leave; giving me a kiss and waving me bye.  For the past fortnight she’s cried when I’ve passed her to my mum so I can leave.  It doesn’t last long – she’s usually ok again before I’ve even got off their drive, but why is she starting to do this?

Is it due to the fact she’s learning to walk and other things are taking a back seat, or is it just a ‘phase’, or something more complex?



1. pixie - September 16, 2010

This happened with Kal-El. His tantrums started very early (sadly). He still goes through stages where his eating deterioates. The new thing for him now is that he’s determined to be just like mummy and daddy, so he won’t eat tea unless its on a plate like ours, or drink unless its in a proper glass. Even his doidy cup isn’t good enough! He wants to sit at the table in a big chair like us…but then gets cranky coz its not his normal (high)chair!

Sorry I’m no help. I just thought I’d comment to say you’re not alone. And the tantrums may get worse as she gets older. Kal-Els certainly have :oS *hugs*

2. Steve - September 16, 2010

Totally a new phase and nothing to worry about. She’s starting to realise that she has control over the world around her and she’s going to exercise that control. Couple that with the realisation that you’re not always there and it’s a recipe for tantrums and difficult behaviour.

It really is nothing to worry about though (which doesn’t make it any easier to deal with of course!). H is 23 months and went through exactly the same thing.

Unfortunately from what I’ve heard it doesn’t really get any better for a while. However these new emotions do bring with them much more desirable traits as they start to explore the world as individuals.

3. blah deBlah - August 27, 2011

motherhood or career: choose.

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