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I vill only ask you vunce August 13, 2010

Posted by Admin in Memes.

I have been tagged in this Inquisition meme by MonkeyMummy over at Scribbles of a mummy and her Offspring.  Thanks! 

1. Are you a meticulous planner?

I try to be but often don’t have the time and just have to do things on the spur of the moment.  I start to plan things early then realise it’s too early and stop, only to remember again at the last-minute!

2. Do you wear make-up & if so how much & how often?

Not very often.  I do wear it if we go out for the night, but don’t bother in the day unless it’s for a wedding or other special occasion.  I do wear nail varnish if that counts?

3. What, if anything, do you wear in bed?

Pyjamas!  I love pyjamas!  I have some new pyjamas that I got for Christmas still waiting to be worn but I seem to be waiting for a special occasion!

4. Look over your right shoulder. What do you see?

The doorway into the kitchen, kitchen window and my poor excuse for a  garden

5. If you had to take a random item to an interview to help describe you, what would it be?

Hmmm, this ones hard.  Can I have a think and come back to it?

6. What film would you have liked a starring role in?

Gone in 60 seconds.  I’m a big car fan and would have loved the chance to have driven some of the ones in that film.  Heaven.

7.Jimmy Steward or Cary Grant?

I could cheat and google these people but I won’t.  The names seem familiar but I have no idea who they are.  So… the second one?

8.Do you swear in front of children?

I do currently swear when C is in the room but I’m trying to stop as I know she’ll start picking words up soon.  I try not to swear when other children are about.  We have a certain friend who thinks it’s hilarious to make her 2-year-old repeat swear words which I don’t think is funny at all.

9. Do you knit or sew or do any other ‘womanly’ craft?

Not really.  I bake the occasional cake, and can sew buttons back on or hems back up but that’s about it.

10. Twitter or Facebook?

I started out on Facebook about 3 years ago but since finding twitter just over a year ago I’m using that more and more

I’m supposed to pass this on to some fellow bloggers but I think it’s probably done the rounds now so I’m leaving it open for anyone who fancies a go.  Just let me know you’ve done it by leaving a comment!



1. ebabeelikes - August 13, 2010

Hi – found you on BMB and wanted to drop by. look forward to reading more.

2. PippaD - August 14, 2010

I like things like that, makes me think I know you a bit better!

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