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Review – Wilko Nappies July 9, 2010

Posted by Admin in Reviews.

Wilkinson’s have recently launched a new range of nappies and kindly sent me some to review.  I received a pack of Wilko baby active in size 4+.  C has been a Pampers girl from birth, apart from dabbling in Huggies newborn to get some freebies, and we get on ok with them. 

Without wanting to sound like a snob, there are certain things where I don’t do own brand, and nappies has always been one of them.  But, when they’re sent to you for free there’s no harm trying right?

The design is nice and simple, plain white nappies with a small purple stripe on the waist band (not patterned, as shown on the packaging).  I like this as if C has white leggings on I don’t want to be able to see the patterns on her nappy through them.

The nappies are thicker than Pampers but that didn’t bother C at all.  If anything its better now we’re at the ‘pulling up on everything’ stage as she has a softer landing!

They have worked just as well, if not better than Pampers.  We have had one leak in them but we seem to getting more leaks in Pampers now they’ve changed their design, but thats a whole other post.

I’ve sent them in her change bag to her grandparents who have no complaints with them either.

The wilko baby range comes in newborn, active and pull ups, much the same as all the branded nappies, and the sizing is the same as Pampers.

Wilko baby active nappies are £3.74 per pack (28 nappies in the size 4+ packs) or 2 for £7.00 which is very good.  I would buy them again and I’ve certainly changed my opinion of ‘own brand’ now.



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