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What is ‘normal’? May 2, 2010

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C is 10 months old.  She’s a wonderful, happy 10 month old but is showing no signs of crawling at all.  This shouldn’t bother me, I know all children are different and in a few months I’ll probably be wishing she was happy to just sit and play, as she is now, but it’s beginning to, just a little.

On Thursday, she had her 10 month review by the health visitor.  Everything was fine apart from C’s lack of mobility.  The health visitor was ‘a little concerned’ as C isn’t pulling herself up on furniture and her little chart said that she should be. 

I mentioned this on Twitter on Thursday night and had some very reassuring responses from people which made me feel a lot better. 

C is doing some bum shuffling.  Its slow going but its movement and she gets where she wants to be… eventually!  I always imagined that the pulling herself up would come when she was moving and able to get to the sofa, table etc but as shes not properly doing that yet I wasn’t expecting any pulling up either.

I’m a little annoyed at the health visitor really.  I thought we were doing fine, obviously I knew C was a little late with the crawling but I didn’t think of it as a ‘concern’, just one of those things.  Now she has been and put that doubt in my head, I feel really under pressure to get C moving in the next 2 months before she comes back to check on things, and I know thats silly as C will do things in her own time.  I do try and encourage her to crawl but I can’t force her to do it if she’s not ready can I?

I think I’m also annoyed with myself.  Despite never having much to do with babies before C was born, I think M and myself are doing ok at this parenting business.  We do things that we feel are right, not just because a health visitor told us to, or we read it in a book.  So, I’m annoyed at how much this has bothered me, when I know in my head she’s fine.

I’m sure in 6 months time I’ll re-read this post and wonder what all the fuss was about. C will be walking and into everything and I’ll miss the time she just sat still on the floor and played with her toys!



1. Emma - May 2, 2010

And that is one of the reasons I dislike Health Visitors – I got told off for weaning my child too early. That was a huge mistake telling me how to raise my child and tell me I was doing wrong.
I’m sure C will be doing it in no time , she might do it overnight like Oli did! 🙂
Please dont let the HV bother you , we are the parents and we know ourselves how our children are doing. xxx

2. love2hire - May 2, 2010

i wouldn’t worry. When Sam was 6 months old the HV said that i was a bad parent because 1) sam was eating from jars! and 2) i’d gone back to work and in her opinion i should be at home cooking fresh meals and taking him for long walks rather than working and earning money to clothe and feed my children!

I hate health visitors and from that moment on i never went back to see her.
Sam never crawled, in fact he was a lazy child and walked at 15 months. Now when i look at him i don’t know why i ever worried. He is climbing on everything and getting into lots of mischief. Each child is different but be assured that yours is absolutely fine and will do it in her own time when she is ready.
Good luck and enjoy this time when she isn’t too mobile.

Emilie (Love2hire on twitter)

b4kersgirl - May 4, 2010

Thank you. I never normally go to see the HV for anything other than to get C weighed as I know shes fine. This makes me more determined not to bother with them. Obviously I can’t get out of these ‘development checks’ but thats all I’ll see them for.

3. Debcw - May 2, 2010

I think they all do things in their own time but I can see why it raised concerns because of the way the silly Heath visitor handled it. I have said before that quite a few people have babies that skip crawling and go straight to walking, she may well do that. She looks like a very happy baby in that picture. I remember my mother in law saying her youngest only crawled because they were at somone elses house which had big rooms and the toy he wanted was too far away. I think she though he wouldn’t could. He obviously did know how but didn’t need or want to so didn’t. In a few months when she is walking and you need eyes in the back of your head you will probably wish she would just sit still for a while 😉

4. Kelly - May 7, 2010

The best piece of advice that I have had is that by three almost all babies are doing exactly the same things. Until then, they all do things in their own time. Piran is 9 months, loves to sit and play but no sign of crawling / standing / pulling himself up.

I am also not a huge fan of HV’s, I live in fear of them asking about Piran’s eating. We have his 10 month check soon, so I will have to grin & bear it.

5. bumbling - May 8, 2010

Moo is a bum shuffler, and made her first proper forward movement at around 10 months ish, but it still wasn’t very effective! She quickly picked up and mastered the bum shuffling technique. She never pulled up on things, but then at about 15 months started standing up on her own (http://bumblingalong.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/independent_from_the_start/).

She’s now 17 months and will cruise around the furniture, stand on her own, occassionally crawl (particularly if we’re on carpet), but generally prefers to bum shuffle. She’ll get there.

As will C, unless you think there is something stopping her from getting up (she seems uncomfortable when you stand her up, struggles to put weight on her legs etc).

Last time we went to the HV was at Moo’s 8-12 month check. When they made me feel guilty about her not crawling, not saying mummy or daddy, and not having had her checked for a squint (I have one, but no sign in her…). Looks like you’re doing a great job.

b4kersgirl - May 9, 2010

Glad to hear that its not just C who doesn’t fit in with what the HV’s chart says.

I read your blog post, C definitely sounds like Moo. She wouldn’t be swaddled and has always slept great in her cot too!

6. Hayley - May 9, 2010

We don’t have HV here in Mallorca. My little man has to go paedatrician for his check ups and to be weighed. The paedatrician never asks about crawling or anything, as far as he is concerned, as long as little man is happy, healthy and gaining weight then we are all good!

b4kersgirl - May 9, 2010

That sounds like a much better system than here. Everything is based on ‘milestones’ but every baby is different! I agree, as long as baby is happy and healthy, thats all that should matter.

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