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Whats in your bag? April 27, 2010

Posted by Admin in Memes.

So, I’ve been tagged in my first meme by Serenity Now! to reveal the contents of my handbag! 

I’m afraid this isn’t going to be a very exciting post as my handbag just has the bare essentials really.  Now, had you asked me for the contents of C’s change bag, then that would have been a rather longer post!

So, here goes!  Obviously in my handbag I need my purse.  Unfortunately this is never full of money but I do have pennies, receipts and various loyalty cards!

Then I have house keys, work keys & car keys, and my mobile.  Not a swanky iPhone but a fairly ok HTC touch3g.  I like it anyway!

My glasses, used mostly for driving, and my sunglasses are in there at the moment too.

Bits of folded paper: my P60, a leaflet from Yeomans about camping exhibitions and a leaflet advertising music time at my local library.

A pen, a purple Surestart pen with blue ink to be precise!

Some tissues.

And that’s everything!

The next part of this challenge is to award this badge;

to some other bloggers, and the rules are:

  • Put the logo on your sidebar or within a post
  • Pass the award onto 12 bloggers
  • Link the nominees within your post
  • Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog
  • Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award

And I’m nominating:

If you’re not tagged and fancy having a go, just let me know you’ve done it!



1. Helen - April 27, 2010

My handbag is like Aladdins cave… I swear there is a black hole in there somewhere! Things just disappear 🙂

2. Young Mummy - April 27, 2010

This is a bit of a sore subject for me at the moment, because I got an amazing designer handbag for my birthday a few weeks ago which broke. I have just sent it back to see if they can repair it. I haven’t brought myself to put everything back in my old handbag yet, because I’m still grieving the loss of The Bag. 😦

b4kersgirl - April 27, 2010

Oh no! Hope it can be repaired.

3. Jenny Paulin - April 27, 2010

I don’t really use a handbag anymore – usually a shopper bag full of receipts, keys, my phone, pack of tissues and check this out – I don’t even have a purse at the moment i am using one of B’s socks to keep my change in! How bad is that??? Soooo shameful (hangs head down to demonstrate this!)

b4kersgirl - April 27, 2010

Ha ha! I quite like the idea of using a babys sock!

4. Paula - April 27, 2010

Oh thanks for the tag. I will completely balance out your minimalist handbag as mine is a room with straps and possibly even contains a small lost island. I promise not to clear it out before I respond to the meme x

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