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The Gallery – 7 deadly sins: Gluttony April 21, 2010

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My daughter loves her food, and making a mess.  This wasn’t all her fault though, daddy may have been involved with this one too!

A few more of my gluttonous daughter.

Firstly, with her first pancake

And there has to be a chocolate one doesn’t there?!

This post was inspired by Tara at Sticky Fingers and her Gallery prompt this week was ‘7 Deadly Sins’



1. Jo Beaufoix - April 21, 2010

What a cutie. I’m thinking Daddy added the hair extensions??

b4kersgirl - April 21, 2010

How did you guess?!

2. christinemosler - April 21, 2010

Lovely! I particularly like the way she is brandishing her pancake at you in picture 2 ‘Ta da!’

3. peabee72 - April 21, 2010

SO cute….I love pic one; she knows something’s wrong, she’s just not quite sure what! Lovely x

4. Chelle - April 21, 2010

What a cutie:-)

5. Emma Button - April 21, 2010

she certainly looks like shes enjoying her food! go on her.

6. Red Ted Art - April 21, 2010

Chelle took the words out of my mouth: What a cutie!!!!

7. tiddlyompompom - April 21, 2010

awww, so cute 🙂

8. MummyTips - April 21, 2010

Bad Daddy…. revenge will be sweet….

9. Julia - April 22, 2010

She is gorgeous! They really know how to enjoy life don’t they!

10. scribblingmum - April 22, 2010

Ha ha – so cruel us parents having a laugh at our children aren’t we?! Brilliant bribery material for later life but I have a feeling they will repay us, and some, during the teenage years….

b4kersgirl - April 22, 2010

I’m sure they will! 😉

11. Emma - April 23, 2010

She’s adorable! Her rosy cheeks in the last photo are so cute!! 🙂

12. Serenity - April 26, 2010

Aw, what a cutie!

I’ve tagged you in a meme over at my blog: http://wp.me/pPXos-j
Please come and check it out and have a go if you fancy it! 🙂

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